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Things To Know and Safety Regulations For Your Mobility Scooter

For the purposes of government regulation, mobility scooters, powerchairs and electric wheelchairs are treated as ‘pedestrians’ and as such a user of any of these forms of transport has to observe the relevant laws for pedestrians in the state in which they are driving. The key requirements are listed below, however, you are advised to always check with your relevant government authority in your state to make sure you are fully informed of the road rules. For simplification, the term ‘scooter’ is used and includes ‘powerchair’ and ‘electric wheelchair’.

Legal Requirements




Maximum speed and TAR weight you can legally travel at on a public footpath or
@ 150kg
@ 110kg
@ 110kg
Give way to other road users on a path or nature strip
Exercise due care and attention for the safety of others at all times
If a suitable path is not available, travel on the road facing oncoming traffic as close to the kerb as possible
Use the most direct route when crossing a road
Is insurance cover provided by the state government? CTP
Do I have to register my mobility scooter?
Do I need a current driver’s licence to drive mobility wheelchair scooter?
A mobility wheelchair scooter user must be unable to walk or have difficulty in walking
to lawfully drive on a footpath, public road or road related area